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Soaking Up Summer Fun

Our June is packed with summer fun – a trip to the beach, oodles of birthday parties, days of sprinkler fun, excursions to the pool, messy science experiments, lots of art, laying around and watching movies, visiting with family, enjoying time with friends who have the summer off.  All that means I’ll not be blogging as much as usual until after the July 4th.


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National Geographic’s Prehistoric Mammals by Alan Turner is written like a field guide to mammals of the past.  The books begins with an explanation of the rise of mammals, the geologic eras in which different mammals developed, and classification of mammal groups.  Then the reader is treated to beautiful pictures of these animals group by group.  Included are sections such as Proboscids, Primates, Cloven-Hoofed Mammals, and Whales.  This is the most extensive collection of pictures and descriptions of prehistoric mammals that I’ve found.  Both my girls have enjoyed looking at the animals and yesterday M used it to teach school to her American dolls.  It would be a great research tool for older students and adults.

This week’s round up is at Shelf-Employed.

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Fun with Playdough

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

We’re enjoying baskets filled with goodies, egg hunts, and French toast for breakfast this morning. I hope your day is filled with joy and blessings.

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Beautiful Blogger Award

Thanks to Suji of Funschooling for giving me the Beautiful Blogger award! I love reading about the awesome books she and her son are reading and all the great science that goes on at their house.  I highly recommend checking out Suji’s latest creation, Living Science.

I want to pass this award along to three blogs I’ve been getting a lot of good ideas from recently (the original rules suggest 15 but Suji chose 3 and I’m going to follow her lead) 🙂

Early Bird Homeschool

Playing by the Book

Magic and Mayhem

I’m also supposed to tell seven things about me so here goes:

1) My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.

2) I’m a morning person.

3) My favorite color is purple.

4) I love to sit at a coffeeshop with my laptop when I have a chance to be alone.

5) I want to get a puppy.

6) I wish I was eating chocolate cake right now.

7) I used to live in Louisiana and I miss the Cajun food.

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New Books Abound

After a few orders from Amazon, an ebay find or two, a visit to a museum store, and a look through my friend (and former AG teacher’s) bookcases, we’ve acquired quite a lovely pile of new or new-to-us books recently.

Here’s what we’ve gotten:

Our own copies of two favorites, Hen Hears Gossip by Megan MacDonald and Half Magic by Edward Eager.

The Saturdays by Elizabeth Enright

Tentacles by Roland Smith (I recently read the prequel, Cryptid Hunters and M and her dad are reading it together now.)

A Cache of Jewels and Other Collective Nouns by Ruth Heller

The Fossil Factory by Niles, Gregory, and Douglas Eldredge

Usborne’s The Great Dinosaur Search by Rosie Heywood

A Day in the Salt Marsh by Kevin Kurtz

Rocks and Minerals (DK Eyewitness Explorers)

The Weather Pop-Up Book by Francis Wilson

Earth Science Activities for Grades 2-8 by Marvin N. Tolman and James O. Morton

A huge stack of DK Eyewitness books including Dinosaur, Seashore, Spy, Tree, and Mammal.

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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and gets to make some wonderful memories with their family!  My girls are reveling in their gifts from Santa and after breakfast we’ll exchange our family gifts.  Of course, they’ve already eaten a considerable amount of candy from their stockings 🙂  I’ll be back here next week with pictures and book talk.

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